Organic Toor Dal 500g

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Archaeologists discovered more than 5400 year old toor dal seeds in their finds in the Deccan plateau. These established that toor dal originated in India. From India, traders carried this tasty lentil to Africa. Europeans started consuming it and called it the Congo Pea! The Indian palate in most regions is incomplete without toor dal. And rightly so! The lip-smacking delicacies prepared using this particular variety of pulses goes well with rice as well as chapatis. Aside from its signature taste, the high nutritional and protein content in toor dal makes it an unmissable diet constituent of the Indian populous. Benefits: 1. Toor Dal may help reduce weight: Toor dal has a high dietary fibre content that helps you remain satiated for longer. 2. Beneficial for your bone health: Toor dal is an excellent source of Phosphorus that aids in the building of strong bones and teeth.


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