• Akawi Cheese by Rootz Organics
  • Akawi Cheese by Rootz Organics
  • Akawi Cheese by Rootz Organics

Akawi Cheese by Rootz Organics

AED 49.00
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates
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Akawi Cheese from Local UAE Farms

Delight in the creamy, mild taste of our Akawi cheese,

crafted with care on local UAE farms. Our Akawi cheese

combines traditional cheese-making techniques with the

freshest local ingredients, delivering a smooth and

versatile cheese perfect for any culinary creation.

#### Features:

- **Locally Sourced**: Made from the highest quality

cow’s milk sourced from our local UAE farms, ensuring

superior freshness and taste.

- **Creamy and Mild**: Known for its soft texture and mild

flavor, making it an ideal choice for a variety of dishes.

- **Versatile Use**: Perfect for both savory and sweet

dishes – enjoy it fresh, melted in pastries, or as a

delightful addition to salads and sandwiches.

- **Traditional Craftsmanship**: Produced using time-

honored methods that preserve the authentic

characteristics of Akawi cheese.

- **Nutrient-Rich**: Packed with essential nutrients,

providing a wholesome addition to your diet.

#### Why Choose Our Akawi Cheese?

Our commitment to quality and tradition sets our Akawi

cheese apart. By using the freshest local ingredients and

adhering to traditional production methods, we ensure

that each piece of cheese offers a taste that is both

authentic and delicious, while also supporting local


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