• Nabulsi Cheese  by Rootz Organics
  • Nabulsi Cheese  by Rootz Organics
  • Nabulsi Cheese  by Rootz Organics

Nabulsi Cheese by Rootz Organics

AED 90.00
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates
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Nabulsi Cheese from Local UAE Farms Savor the unique, authentic taste of Nabulsi cheese made right here on local UAE farms. Our Nabulsi cheese combines traditional Middle Eastern craftsmanship with the freshest local ingredients, delivering a flavor that’s both genuine and delightful. #### Features: - **Locally Sourced**: Made with fresh, premium sheep’s milk from our local UAE farms, ensuring top-notch quality and flavor. - **Authentic Flavor**: Seasoned with Mahlab and Mastic, our Nabulsi cheese boasts the traditional, slightly salty taste that has been cherished for generations. - **Versatile Delight**: Ideal for various culinary uses – enjoy it fresh, fried to a golden crisp, or baked into your favorite pastries and bread. - **Cultural Heritage**: Embrace the rich cultural heritage of the Nablus region with cheese made using time-honored techniques. - **Nutrient-Packed**: Rich in essential nutrients, making it a healthy and delicious addition to your meals. #### Why Choose Our Nabulsi Cheese? Our dedication to quality and tradition ensures that our Nabulsi cheese stands out. By combining age-old methods with the finest local ingredients, we create a cheese that not only tastes amazing but also supports local agriculture and sustainable farming practices. Discover the rich, authentic taste of Nabulsi cheese from our local UAE farms – a perfect blend of tradition and local excellence. Health & Happiness Always


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