AED 16.50
(Inclusive of all taxes)
INGREDIENTS : Potato flakes, potato starch, corn maise flour, dehydrated vegetables, spices and seasonings, antioxidants, iodised salt.
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Price in points: 17


What Type of Snacker Are You?


Do You need vegan snacks, or are you just looking for healthy snacks packed with health and tasty?

Are you a person who only eats whole foods, a foodie looking for a new snack to munch on, or a busy on-the-go professional, there’s a healthy snack in Snack-o-aholic for everyone.

Food is the most important thing in our lives besides water.

Healthy eating means eating a variety of food that gives you the nutrients for your daily life like you need to maintain your health, feel good and have energy.

In our life health is the most important thing that we must focus on.

Eating is related to our body. When we are eating well. The rate of our health also will be well balanced.




We are, Snack-o-aholic believes in a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Snack-o-aholic presents a variety of healthy snacks for better and guilt-free eating and we focus on the right blend a ingredients in our food. Having food that is balanced and healthy is very important. Having a strict regimen regarding the diet, you may follow essential food without compromising on taste.

We present healthy, tasty, freshly made, and batch-wise snacks for all age groups with maximum nutrition. Healthy Style of enjoying your snacks. Freshly made batch-wise.


Our snacks will be a add on benefit for:


1.         By providing guilt free snacking.

2.         Suitable to all age groups.

3.         Best suited with Beverages.

4.         Affordable.

5.         Vegan snacks.


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