• Himalayan Crystal Pink Salt-500g

Himalayan Crystal Pink Salt-500g

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    • Experience the pinnacle of purity with Pink Salt. Mined from ancient salt caves formed 250 million years ago, this highest-grade “raw” salt captures the full spectrum of 84 minerals, creating a culinary and wellness treasure. Untouched by pollutants, our salt embodies pristine nature, maintaining its unrefined and unprocessed essence.
    • Hand-mined under extreme pressure, Pink Salt exhibits a near-perfect crystalline structure and vibrational energy, elevating it beyond mere seasoning. Delight your taste buds while enjoying a myriad of health benefits, from regulating the body’s water content to preventing muscle cramps, promoting bone strength, and facilitating food absorption.
    • Dhatu’s unwavering commitment to quality ensures that you receive the purest form of Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt. As you incorporate this salt into your daily rituals, relish the ancient wisdom encapsulated in every crystal. Transport yourself to an era when nature’s gifts were unspoiled and pristine, embracing holistic well-being with every sprinkle.
    • Embrace the culinary and wellness journey with Dhatu’s Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt, where each crystal embodies the essence of natural purity and nourishment. Elevate your kitchen creations and nurture your body with the unparalleled goodness of this ancient treasure.


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