• Kombucha Botanical Beauty Hibiscus & Basil 275ml (Pack of 2)

Kombucha Botanical Beauty Hibiscus & Basil 275ml (Pack of 2)

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Born and brewed in Dubai using 100% raw, organic, low sugar, unpasteurised ingredients, Saba Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea. Jam-packed with gut-loving probiotics and electrifying enzymes, this is a brew your body and taste buds will love! Filtered Water, Black Tea*, Agave Syrup*, Kombucha Culture*, Hibiscus Infusion*, Basil Infusion* *Certified Organic Product
Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates
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True beauty comes from within, right? Balanced with the sweet aromas of hibiscus and basil, this 100% raw, organic, low sugar and unpasteurised kombucha is bursting with live cultures and probiotics giving you that ‘fresh faced’ glow. Subtly tart and amazingly crisp, this is the one to pick up if you’re lacking a little luster in your life!

Kombucha Benefits -

Helps Digestion 

Fights Inflammation

Lowers Cholestrol

Promotes Healthy Skin

Boost Energy 


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