• Neem Multipurpose Comb
  • Neem Multipurpose Comb

Neem Multipurpose Comb

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Neem has been used for hair care in India from time immemorial because 

  • Even the most sensitive scalps don’t react to wood or cause any allergies
  • Gentler on the hair
  • Increases the circulation of blood to the scalp thereby nourishing the roots with more nutrients 
  • Activate the glands in hair roots that produce oil and distribute this natural conditioner more evenly
  • Glides smoothly over the scalp and through the hair
  • Loosens and removes dead skin, dirt, and foreign particles from the hair

Plastic combs create static hair! How does static affect hair? Static attracts more dust o stick to the hari which tends to make the hair drier and increases hair fall.

Neems combs do not create any static and reduce hair fall.


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