• Organic Khandsari Sugar 1kg

Organic Khandsari Sugar 1kg

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Khandsari sugar is natural granulated sugar made from thickened sugar cane syrup. Khandsari sugar is the form of sugar that was first made around 2000 years ago in India. 

It’s also called the “Mother of all Sugars” since it’s the most raw form of sugar you can get from sugarcane. 

Traditionally, khandsari sugar is physically extracted from liquid jaggery. It’s a staple product of khandsari units in western UP that process sugarcane to make jaggery. You can also say that it’s handcrafted sugar, created by artisans who have been doing it for generations.  Khandsari sugar is considered as whole food that provides necessary vitamins and fiber. 

Outside India, it’s known as muscovado sugar. 


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