• Organic Masoor Dal Whole (Black) 1kg
  • Organic Masoor Dal Whole (Black) 1kg

Organic Masoor Dal Whole (Black) 1kg

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Organic pulses for 100% natural plant based protein daily requirement. Sourced from direct organic farmers from the belts of Assam, West Bengal, MP and Maharashtra, we would like to send a thank you for choosing these pulses and supporting our farmers.
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From a list of Indian dals, the masoor whole dal is one of the few excellent sources of fiber that lowers cholesterol. Organic foods and health fields Masoor whole is a very popular pulse crop that is sourced from organic farmer organizations and sold on both domestic and international markets. Before packing, whole masoor dal is machine cleaned and hand-selected to assure its purity and hygienic qualities, making it healthier, tastier, and more evenly cookable.

Masoor has a unique nutritional profile, just like other dals. Here are several justifications for including this dish in your diet. Immunitycardiovascular healthmental wellness, and cellular functions are all supported by it. Indian cuisine frequently uses black masoor dal beans, which are of Indian origin. It is used in Fried Foods, Salads, Curries, and Usal.


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