• Organic oats flour-300g

Organic oats flour-300g

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A flour ground from oat groats, which are hulled and cleaned oats. Oat flour is also ground from rolled oats or oatmeal. Oat flour adds texture and a rich nutlike flavor to breads and other baked goods. Using oat flour results in baked items that are moist and more crumbly and they retain their freshness longer than items baked with wheat flour. Since oat flour is gluten free (although there is some debate about this), it must be combined with wheat flour to produce leavened bread. For the best results, use 3 cups wheat flour for every 1 cup of oat flour. Oat flour is often best when it is freshly ground, using a spice mill, coffee grinder, or even a blender. For extended storage, oat flour should be placed in an airtight container in the freezer where it will keep for several months.


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