• Activated Foxtail Millet Flour 500g

Activated Foxtail Millet Flour 500g

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Activated Foxtail Millet Flour is prepared after soaking foxtail millets , drying them and cold milling them to ensure nutrients are retained. Activated foxtail Millet flour is an excellent addition to your daily diet plan. Soaking process removes the anti-nutrients like phytic acid, which obstructs the absorption of nutrients in the body. Whole grains like millet and pulses are rich in antinutrients in general. Soaking and cold milling process ensures these antinutrients are removed there by removing the causes of  stomach upset/flatulence etc.

How to use? Millet flours can be used to make bhakri or an instant cheela. You can also add it to your cutlets, kadis and soups.,

Recipe for instant cheela - Mix 2 tbspn millet flour with water to make it into batter consistency.  Add finely chopped onions, coriander leaves , 1tspn  cumin seeds and ajwain to the mix. Heat the pan and spread the cheela on the heated pan. Add cold pressed groundnut oil in the corners of the cheela and little on top. Flip it around to cook both sides. Enjoy with your favorite chutney.


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