• Active Yeast 100g  by Rootz Organics

Active Yeast 100g by Rootz Organics

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Organic Yeast is grown carefully on the complex plant derived media by a natural fermentation process. The organic yeast production is separated from conventional yeast productions. After the fermentation a liquid called yeast cream is obtained that is the raw material for all yeast products Benefits: 1. Nutritional yeast is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and high-quality protein. Typically, one-quarter of a cup of nutritional yeast contains 2. The benefits that nutritional yeast may offer people include: Boosting energy Supporting immunity system Promoting skin, hair, and nail health Improving glucose sensitivity Some ways to use nutritional yeast include: 1. sprinkling it on popcorn instead of butter or salt 2. mixing it into risotto instead of Parmesan cheese 3. making a vegan alternative to a cheese sauce 4. stirring it into creamy soups for added nutrients adding it to scrambled eggs or a tofu scramble mixing it into a nut roast or stuffing.


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