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Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, is the beginning of the holy month of fasting for the Muslim community worldwide. Fasting from sunrise to sunset is observed as a devotional and reflective practice. During this holy month, it is critical to be healthy while fasting.
However, fasting during Ramadan increases the risk of dehydration because eating and water are confined to before sunrise and after sundown. As with fasting, people are urged to rise early for their Sahur/Suhoor (or pre-dawn meal), and sleep loss and dehydration can cause headaches. Moreover, overeating during Iftar (dinner) can cause unhealthy weight gain.
So, how can you and your family have a delicious yet healthy Ramadan meal?
Here are 4 simple steps to elevate your fest food -
NUMBER 1 - Choose Organic Foods and Snacks
Now the question is, "Why choose Organic items when we are already enjoying our regular food and snacks?"
Your regular foods may be filled with pesticides and toxins, making them unhealthy. So, opt for organic dates, which are essential in Ramadan for their nutritional worth and natural sweetness because of their rapid energy release. Apart from dates, dried fruits, including ragi oats, puffed wheat and bajra flakes, are in high demand. These are high in fibre and vitamins, serving as a concentrated source of energy and minerals. It provides additional alternatives for healthy, fast, and simple Ramadan snacks.
NUMBER 2 - Try Local and Organic Probiotics
Have you tried adding a contemporary touch to your Suhoor/Iftaar? 
Besides just going for curd, try to add Kimchi sauerkraut, Kombucha, and Water Kefir, which can be a fantastic way to support the digestive system while boosting immunity, increasing nutrition absorption and promoting gut health. Choosing local and organic sources guarantees that you are getting probiotics in their most natural state, devoid of dangerous ingredients and preservatives. Seek farmer's markets or local producers in your area to get a wide variety of probiotic foods created with love and care.
Boost your good bacteria!
NUMBER 3 - Yes to Baked and Roasted Snacks!
Why choose fried when you can bake and roast?
Baking and roasting procedures use less oil, lowering the total calorie and fat content of the food. This makes them lighter on the stomach and simpler to digest, which is especially useful during fasting periods when the body is more susceptible to heavy, oily meals. Whether it is crispy oven-baked Rava millet samosa, Jowar upma rava or crunchy baked falafel, these snacks deliver a delightful crunch and delectable flavour without sacrificing taste. You can also add roasted chicken, fish and mutton!
NUMBER 4 - Have Water and Dairy Products Adequately!
Water and dairy products are essential throughout Ramadan for hydration and nourishment. Water keeps you hydrated, especially during extended fasts, while dairy products like milk, buttermilk, and paneer give critical elements like calcium, protein, and vitamins. Adequate consumption of water and dairy products promotes hydration, bone health, and overall well-being throughout the fasting period.
Incorporating these suggestions into your everyday routine can guarantee a healthy and pleasant Ramadan fasting experience. Remember that Ramadan is more than just a time for spiritual meditation; it is also a chance to nurture your body, mind, and soul.
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Ramadan Kareem!

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