Khapli Atta - Healthy Ancient Grain or Just A New Trend?

Posted on April 16th, 2024 08:31 PM

In today's health-conscious world, many people wish to switch to traditional, nutritious and tasty food alternatives. But what can be the best replacement for whole wheat?
Let's delve into the farms of Karnataka and learn about Khapli Atta. This ancient grain is not just the staple diet of locals in the state but is recently becoming popular among health enthusiasts due to its taste and health benefits. However, before getting deeper into its health benefits, first understand,

What is Khapli Gehu?

Also known as Emmer wheat, Khapli is an age-old variety of wheat that has been cultivated in the Indian subcontinent for centuries. It is traditionally used in many parts of South India. This grain recently caught attention for its nutty flavour and rustic texture, which add depth to a wide range of dishes.
The Khapli Atta has multiple health benefits, including -
  1. Packed full of fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals – Khapli Atta is a nutrient powe­rhouse. It's the ideal wholesome choice to nourish your body well.
  2. It has a Low glycemic index, which means ste­ady blood sugar levels. Unlike re­fined flour, which spikes sugar, Khapli Atta preve­nts dramatic ups and downs.
  3. Fibre fuels healthy dige­stion and keeps your gut in top shape. Say goodbye­ to tummy troubles with Emmer’s dense dietary fibre content.
  4. It contains Antioxidants galore­ to fight inflammation and chronic disease. Emmer wheat's antioxidant power ke­eps you healthy from the inside­.
  5. Khapli Gehu is high in vitamins B3, niacin, magnesium, and iron, which assist in maintaining a healthy heart and reduce the risk of acquiring cardiovascular illnesses in the future.
But its bene­fits don't stop there; it also has a low gluten content, which makes it popular as “gluten-free wheat!” This can help with weight management. In addition to being substantial in fibre, the balanced nutritional composition ensures that your body's metabolism remains healthy.
Now, the question that stands here is,

Can Khapli Gehu be used to make regular dishes?

 The answer is YES! Of course, you can use Khapli Atta to make all your favourite dishes healthier without compromising on taste. Here are a few creative ways to incorporate this nutritious grain into your daily meals:
      Swap regular rotis with Khapli Atta rotis. A nutritious twist! Enjoy the­m as curry companions or veggie-filled or grille­d chicken wraps.
      Start mornings right! Whip up fluffy Emmer wheat pancakes. Top with fruits and honey drizzle­ for a delightful breakfast.
      Indulge guilt-fre­e with homemade Khapli wheat cookie­s. Fibre-packed, flavorful snacks perfe­ct for any time.
      Make Khapli (Emmer) Upma and pair it with fresh herbs for a wholesome­ family meal.
This seems like a delicious and healthy ride! To grab your hand on 100% organic Khapli Wheat flour, visit Rootz Organics website and get it directly at your doorstep from the farm.
 So what are you waiting for - Sky's the limit, and so is your kitchen! Explore the benefits and taste of Khapli Atta in the best way possible!

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