• Unpolished Little Millet (Sama Rice) 3 Kg Bulk

Unpolished Little Millet (Sama Rice) 3 Kg Bulk

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Little Millet (Panicum miliare), one of the small millets, is called kutki in Hindi, sava (Marathi), gajro (Gujrati), same (Kannada), samai (Tamil), and samalu (Telugu). Little millet is suitable for people of all age groups. Little millet is grown throughout India and is a traditional crop. It is a relative of proso millet but the seeds of little millet are much smaller than proso millet. Benefits Little millet contains magnesium which can help improve heart health. Vitamin B3 (niacin) in little millet helps lower cholesterol. Little millet is also a good source of phosphorus which, helps with fat metabolism, body tissue repair and energy production.


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