• Organic Pasta Fussilli-200g

Organic Pasta Fussilli-200g

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Fusilli pasta is a popular Italian pasta shape which has been widely exported to all over world. It is among the most common of the more unusually shaped pastas, since fusilli is highly versatile in the kitchen. It can be eaten plain as a pasta dish, but it can also be baked into casseroles, used in pasta salads, and added to soups. Benefits: Boosts immune system Good for bones Rich in antioxidant Organic Fusilli Pasta can be a healthy breakfast idea as the carbohydrate will keep your stomach full for longer hours; so it gives you the sustained energy. This has low sodium & keeps cholesterol under control. Above all Organic Pasta is made from only Organic Grains which are unadulterated & Non GMO, which gives you the full benefits of those grains.

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