• Organic Sprouted Bajra Flour 500g

Organic Sprouted Bajra Flour 500g

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Sprouted bajra (pearl millet) flour prepared by soaking, sprouting and drying the bajra (pearl millet) and then cold milling it into a fine powder. Soaking process removes anti nutrients like phytic acid improving absorption and digestion. While the process of Sprouting bajra enhances the antioxidant content of the millet which improves oxygen flow to the cells.

Bajra is a a nutritionally dense grain which is rich in protein, vitamin b , iron, magnesium and phosphorous.

How to use?

Bajra Roti (Pearl Millet Flatbread): Bajra roti is a traditional Indian flatbread made from Bajra flour. It’s typically served with vegetables, dal (lentil soup), or yogurt.
2. Bajra Khichdi: Make a wholesome one-pot meal by cooking Bajra flour with rice, lentils, and spices. It’s a nutritious and comforting dish.
3. Bajra Upma: Prepare a savory upma by sautéing Bajra flour with spices, vegetables, and water. It’s a delicious and filling breakfast or snack.
4. Bajra Dhokla: Create a steamed and spongy snack by combining Bajra flour with yogurt and spices. It’s a healthier alternative to traditional dhokla made with rice flour.
5. Bajra Poha: Use Bajra flakes (similar to flattened rice or poha) to make a nutritious and quick breakfast dish with sautéed vegetables and spices.
6. Bajra Chakli: Prepare crispy Bajra flour chakli, a popular Indian snack. Mix Bajra flour with other flours like rice or chickpea flour, add spices, and deep-fry to perfection.
7. Bajra Ladoo: Make nutritious and sweet Bajra flour ladoos by combining the flour with ghee, jaggery, and chopped nuts. These are energy-packed treats.
8. Bajra Paratha: Create stuffed Bajra parathas by filling them with spiced mashed potatoes, spinach, or paneer (Indian cottage cheese). These make a hearty meal.
9. Bajra Idli: Prepare soft and fluffy Bajra idlis by mixing Bajra flour with rice flour, urad dal (black gram), and yogurt. Steam them to perfection.
10. Bajra Soup: Use Bajra flour as a thickening agent in soups and stews for added nutrition and a subtle nutty flavor.
11. Bajra Pancakes: Make savory or sweet pancakes using Bajra flour as a base. Add vegetables, herbs, or sweeteners like honey or maple syrup as desired.
12. Bajra Pasta: Experiment with gluten-free pasta by using Bajra flour to make homemade pasta dough. Roll it out, cut into shapes, and serve with your favorite sauce.

Remember to adjust the seasonings and ingredients according to your taste preferences when trying these recipes 


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