Posted on May 30th, 2024 03:07 PM

Benefits of Sprouted Grains and Mung Dals as Protein Foods

Nutritional Powerhouses

Sprouted grains and mung dals are packed with essential nutrients. Sprouting enhances the bioavailability of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making them more accessible to the body. These nutrients support overall health, boost immunity, and contribute to a balanced diet.

High in Protein

Mung dals are an excellent source of plant-based protein, essential for muscle growth, repair, and overall body function. Including sprouted mung dals in your diet can help meet your daily protein requirements, especially for vegetarians and vegans.

Improved Digestion

Sprouting grains and legumes reduces antinutrients like phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors, which can interfere with the absorption of nutrients. This process makes them easier to digest and gentler on the stomach, reducing bloating and gas.

Rich in Fiber

Sprouted grains and mung dals are high in dietary fiber, which aids in maintaining healthy digestion, promoting regular bowel movements, and preventing constipation. Fiber also helps in regulating blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol.

Enhanced Flavor and Texture

Sprouting not only boosts nutritional value but also enhances the flavor and texture of grains and legumes. They become sweeter and less bitter, adding a delightful taste to your dishes.

Easy Adoption with Ready Sprouted Pulse Mix


Our sprouted multi pulse dosa mix offers a convenient way to incorporate the benefits of sprouted grains and mung dals into your diet. No need for soaking, grinding, or fermenting. Just mix with water and cook!


Busy schedules can make healthy eating a challenge. This ready-to-use mix saves time in the kitchen, allowing you to prepare nutritious meals quickly without compromising on health benefits.


The sprouted multipulse dosa mix is versatile and can be used to make a variety of dishes beyond dosas, such as pancakes, crepes, or savory snacks. This flexibility makes it easier to enjoy healthy, protein-rich foods in different forms.


Introducing healthy foods to children can be challenging. The sprouted multipulse dosa mix can be a kid-friendly option, as it creates delicious, crispy dosas that children love. It's an easy way to ensure they get their essential nutrients without fuss.



● 2 tbsp sprouted multipulse dosa mix

● Water (as needed)

● Pinch of salt

● Cold-pressed groundnut oil


1. Take 2 tablespoons of sprouted multipulse dosa mix.

2. Gradually add water until the mixture reaches a batter consistency.

3. Add a pinch of salt to taste.

4. Heat a cast iron pan on medium heat.

5. Pour a ladleful of batter onto the pan and spread it in a circular motion to form a crepe.

6. Dribble cold-pressed groundnut oil around the edges.

7. Cook for a few minutes until the edges start to lift.

8. Flip the dosa and cook for a few more minutes until golden brown.

9. Serve hot with your favorite chutney and enjoy!

By incorporating our sprouted multipulse dosa mix into your diet, you can effortlessly enjoy the health benefits of sprouted grains and mung dals, making nutritious eating easy and delicious.

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